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I just pulled the trigger on Consonance ($50 membership). I bought my ticket from Atlanta to San Francisco ($389) with a little layover in Las Vegas on the way back (woohoo!) and booked the hotel in Newark ($150). I think it'll cost around $150 for the cab ride to and from the airport. I might think about renting a car, though. So roughly $750. Doable. Of course, that doesn't include any money I plan on gambling away at the Las Vegas airport.

So here's why I chose Consonance as one of the handful of cons that I'd like to fly to this year. For one, Consonance is one of the filk conventions that I've always heard other people talk about. For another, I've always loved the music of both Katy & Ju and Alec! Granted, I just got to see Alec at GAFilk, but I've still never heard Tricky Pixie.

I'm really looking forward to this trip. I'll get to do a little traveling, meet some new people, and hear some great music. I just hope that the airline experience isn't bad. So, who else is going?

2010 Conventions

I'm still trying to decide which conventions I want to go to this year. I was thinking about Conflikt, but it's a little late to start planning that one. Consonance is looking viable, but I'd have to pay a bit for a cab ride from the airport to the hotel unless I fly into the closer airport, but then the flight time is awkward. Meh. I'll figure it out.

Also in March is MidSouthCon in Memphis. It's drivable, but is the weekend right after Consonance. There's DragonCon and ConStellation in August, OVFF in October, Windycon in November, and a few other cons I'm interested in scattered throughout the year. My attendance will be a function of cash, vacation time and energy.

I'll definitely be at DragonCon because I'm an eternal member and I'll definitely be at ConStellation because I can visit my family that weekend (they all live in Huntsville). I really want to go to more filk conventions this year. I really enjoyed GAFilk this year. Which filk convention is the one that I definitely shouldn't miss?


I'm looking forward to GAFilk this weekend. I haven't really been involved in the filk community lately, but I still love it and find myself singing filk songs every once in a while. Maybe this weekend will renew my passion.


I Tweetard!

  • 08:18 Today is one of those days where I thank God for caffeine. Today's enabler: Diet Mtn Dew Code Red. #
  • 08:55 The interwebs are telling me I should watch an anime called Eden of the East. Anyone heard of it? #
  • 12:04 My co-worker thinks the waitress at The Stack was hitting on me. Meh. #
  • 13:14 I want to make the switch to d20 Pro to run my #dnd games but I just haven't had the time to get everything set up yet. #
  • 19:10 I usually have Panang curry on Fridays but I'm craving it now. #
  • 20:12 I think that ultimately, alignment chooses the player, not vice versa. #dnd #
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  • 14:56 Cow-orker is driving me crazy! FFS let me do my junk in peace. #
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  • 08:36 I'm tired of explaining crap to people who don't want to listen. At some point, you just want to say, "Good luck with that. Now F off." #
  • 11:02 Although I'll never appreciate the taste of lemon in my tea, I do occasionaly enjoy the smell of the jaunty little wedge perched on my glass #
  • 13:16 New ep. We reveal the secrets of the puppeteer prophet of doom! Also, we loved Star Trek! Find out why. tacoradio.com/episode018.html #
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I Tweetard!

  • 13:57 Walked into the Nissan showroom to talk to someone about buying & practically stuck my fist up the tailpipe of a Cube & still got no help. #
  • 14:42 #3wordsaftersex Cash only, please. #
  • 14:44 #3wordsaftersex Get a towel. #
  • 14:45 #3wordsaftersex Now feed me. #
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  • 09:29 Tweeting from church. Service hasn't started yet. Haven't been here in a while. #
  • 11:33 Some people don't understand that when it comes to "soup or salad?" "niether" is actually a valid answer. yfrog.com/13s8zj #
  • 18:13 In the middle of Josh's game now. We finished our podcast about the new Star Trek today. #
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  • 23:28 Watched Star Trek with the crew tonight. Loved it! #
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  • 09:04 New live play is up! Check out the guns on our new battle-cleric! tacoradio.com/joshliveplay02.html #
  • 09:08 I'm so lame. I actually impressed myself because I could understand this: "My Feeds エンジョイライフ!" #
  • 10:00 W00t! I get to leave work early! #
  • 10:45 My niece graduated from kindergarten this morning. As a reward, my parents are getting her a tattoo. Don't worry; it's a temp...I think. #
  • 20:28 I plan to get caught up on some movie watching this weekend. Those DVDs aren't going to watch themselves! #
  • 23:09 Watching Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl starring one of my favorite actors, Tadanobu Asano. #
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