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January 28th, 2010


I just pulled the trigger on Consonance ($50 membership). I bought my ticket from Atlanta to San Francisco ($389) with a little layover in Las Vegas on the way back (woohoo!) and booked the hotel in Newark ($150). I think it'll cost around $150 for the cab ride to and from the airport. I might think about renting a car, though. So roughly $750. Doable. Of course, that doesn't include any money I plan on gambling away at the Las Vegas airport.

So here's why I chose Consonance as one of the handful of cons that I'd like to fly to this year. For one, Consonance is one of the filk conventions that I've always heard other people talk about. For another, I've always loved the music of both Katy & Ju and Alec! Granted, I just got to see Alec at GAFilk, but I've still never heard Tricky Pixie.

I'm really looking forward to this trip. I'll get to do a little traveling, meet some new people, and hear some great music. I just hope that the airline experience isn't bad. So, who else is going?